Once a year in Cappadocia, unique itinerary, beautiful landscape, incredible adventure, challenge, group of 6 riders, night in camps...



Once a year the major horseriding centers in Cappadocia are combining forces to offer this exciting and challenging horse event. 

This unique itinerary combines a spectacular trail ride, an orienteering game, and an endurance race. 

It will take place annually at the best season of the year and will showcase the most beautiful landscapes of our region.

It will be an incredible adventure for the riders, and their horses.

It will be a challenge, involving horsemanship, orienteering, and team spirit:  the winner won’t be the fastest but the cleverest team.

You will ride in a small group of 6 riders, through a wild and spectacular landscape. 

Nights will be spent in comfortable camps, around the fire in a traditional, warm atmosphere, surrounded by horses.

It will end with an endurance race of 40 km.